Jonet Harley-Peters

I am currently working on constructions made in 3D relief collage using curved triangular shapes cut from photographic prints. By using this method the chance element inherent in photography contrasts with the strict geometry of pattern and takes the 2D photo out of its expected sphere of the single viewpoint flat image.

I also work with a variety of other materials making 3D relief constructions out of pigment and paint using curved or layered paper to depict the rhythm and repetition of pattern.

Patterns found at the micro level in nature are the geometric structures used within systems of measurement as well as being found in all natural forms and the layering of geological strata. In my constructions the curved surfaces and circles are a response to landscape in its broadest sense, earth, sea and clouds, the curve defining the edge, the place where the inner becomes the outer referring to levels and layers of feeling within the self.

My use of pigment is in response to the story in Indian mythology of “Indra’s Net” which demonstrates the view that the universe is a sort of cosmic network of repetition, reflection and the interpenetration of all things and events.

My interest in pattern and proportion developed from an understanding of the practical use of geometry in medieval building - a system that in turn came from ancient Greek and Arabic practice.


Acanthus I

Acanthus I
50cm x 50cm
paper and photo construction


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